Thursday 27 April 2023

Thursday 27th April - best laid plains...

Today was going to be all about cracking on with the of cross stitching. The end is in sight!

However, events intervened. 

I have spent more hours today wearing an FFP2 mask than I have in ages, even including previous hospital appointments for me and my father. Today I  have been accompanying my father to the GP, shopping for his suppers, and restocking his fridge, as he is now at the stage where shopping is too much walking, too tiring.

I enjoyed the shopping - this is the first time I have been in a big Waitrose, rather than a convenience store, since March 2020. Just looking at what's on offer is a real treat, with Himself doing all the reaching up for soup, down for cereal, trekking back for spring onions to help me.

We came home loaded with the contents of one of the cupboards at my father’s flat; packets of bran cereal, some Rich Tea Biscuits  -'I keep them in case I have visitors' (expiry date August 2016) and, big bonus, an enormous wedge of parmesan cheese - I'll replace it with some ready grated which is much easier for him to manage.

I spotted two carefully selected apples had been added to the trolley....

Sadly it's my compost heap which is going to be the main benefactor as the biscuits weren't the only antiques, and I'm not in need of HighFibre food.

Wearing the mask at the doctor's, round the supermarket and in the flat has given my rib cage such a workout! My chest is aching with the effort, bit a good night's sleep will solve it. Very few people are wearing them anymore, I noticed, but sadly it is still necessary for me, and therefore my husband, as catching covid or a chest infection would be seriously bad news. I'm looking forward with hope for when things might change in the future, and more closely for warmer weather which really helps.

Tomorrow will now have to be Even More Cross Stitching! 

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