Monday 2 October 2023

Monday 2nd October

I do like a new month, a new week, a new day.

I've joined another virtual 'conqueror event' challenge - hiking along the Yosemite trail. I'm aiming to add a mile a day, which is approximately 2000 steps recorded on my fitness thing. This is the starting point. Glorious scenery.  

And here's where I got to yesterday, one mile along the trail;


I've also restarted the 'Five minutes of mobilisation' ballet-based exercises. Feet and ankles today - they start the week gently, but I know that later in the week it will be 'abs and glutes'! Good job the videos really are only five minutes long!   

Otherwise not much to report....

More watercolour paint was sploshed onto paper

More sock got knitted

More patio pots were dug up by the squirrels  

More bits of plastic-coated mesh were deployed to try and protect what's left in my patio pots - it's a shame one can't go out squirrel-hunting in the evenings with a torch, and anyway what would I do if I caught them?

I was sock-knitting in the garden in a brief spell of warm sun shine. It was pleasant, but not peaceful; two squirrels were chasing around in the big oak tree. I could track their progress by the shaking leaves and showers of acorns, and by the protests of some pigeons which were engaged in an unfriendly discussion regarding which one would get to pair off with the female pigeon. 

Then a piano lesson - a bit treacle-ish as piano lessons go, but we survived, both of us, I think.

Now it's evening. I'm up to 1000 steps, though I suspect that piano teaching and wool-winding may have contributed to the tally. I'll allow these steps though, as piano-teaching consumes a surprising amount of energy for just sitting still. I usually end up removing a cardigan or jumper halfway through the lesson. I'll 'walk' the remaining 1000 steps while watching 'Only Connect' and 'University Challenge' later tonight.   


  1. Squirrel pie? Or a bit of Hunca Munca?

    1. I had forgotten Hunca Munca. I was remembering the squirrels in the cartoon 'the Sword in the Stone'

  2. I met a lady on Sunday wearing the most amazing striped cardi. I commented on it, and she said her mother had knitted it to use up all her leftover sock yarn!

    1. Those 'knitted up from scraps' garments can look wonderful. That's a huge amount of leftover sock yarn....