Tuesday 3 October 2023

Tuesday 3rd October - technical problems....

 Last night, around midnight, I couldn't sleep, and thought I'd read my kindle paperwhite for a while. I like using it as it is so light compared to a book or a tablet and has its own light so I don't disturb BB when he's sleeping peacefully beside me.

That would have worked, except that I had previously been reading it outside, so had turned the brightness right up, so much so that now, in the dark, at midnight, it was too bright to look at. I fumbled my way through the menus and frantically reduced the brightness. But in my haste I moved the slider too far, and the screen became a uniform dark grey. Sigh.

Luckily I was able to get BBCsounds on another device, and eventually went to sleep lulled by Hannah Fry's latest programmes about statistics. 

Downstairs after breakfast, we were settling with our second coffees. BB asked if I would like him to bring anything over before he sat diwn. 'Yes, please, could your bring over my blue tablet?'

This is what I got

a glass of water and one of my small blue tablets!

This is what I was expecting

my big blue tablet,  in fact the very one I am using to tap out this post! 

At some point this morning I did some painting 

The group of trees on the right remind me more of a family of Green giants going on a bear hunt than trees. Now that I've seen it I can't change the way the seem.

I've managed to go another mile along the Yosemite trail;

Here's where I am now.

I doubt if I'll add a whole 2000 steps by the end of today. I taught two students, siblings, back to back, again fairly intensive lessons, and that on top of last night has brought it home that I'm 'recovering ' rather than 'recovered!'. I'll take it easy this evening; at least I've notched up just over 1000 steps. 

Sitting, knitting, and TV looks like the plan for the rest of this evening. 


  1. I had a little laugh at the blue tablet story! Quite understandable!

    1. 'What?' he said, when I just stared in surprise for a moment...

  2. It's when things have the same name but are very different - like my jigsaw (puzzle) and his jigsaw (woodworking tool). The other night I noticed a programme listed called "sewers of gold" and thought it was about royal embroiderers. In fact it was a film with Ian McShane down a drain organising a bank robbery!