Monday 30 October 2023

Monday 30th October - Prospect Tower (1)

 We've been away for the weekend! 

So exciting! This is the first time we've stayed away from home since the 2020 lockdown. You might think this level of caution somewhat excessive,  but my lung function is around 27% of normal, and I take immunosuppressant drugs (among the other harlequin assortment of pills), which means my immune system is less effective than it should be, and also vaccinations don't work as well. 

Also, we had to wait until this year as our cats were so ancient that they could not be put in the  cattery any more. At nearly ninteen years old they deserved cosseting, and needed four little meals a day... well, sadly they departed this mortal coil at the end of 2022 and although we do miss them we appreciate the freedom we have to make plans to take a break away from home.

We stayed at Prospect Tower, a folly on the Belmont Estate near Faversham, Kent. It's one of the self catering holiday properties restored and managed by the Landmark Trust. 

The bedroom and shower room are on the ground floor, but the food, logs for the fire, and anything else wanted in the living room all had to be carried up a little winding stair. I did wonder if it would be possible to provide some kind of hoist system;


but no, up we went, round and round twenty steps to arrive here;

Another thirty steps took us to the roof deck with views across the countryside

The weather really was this good... for a short while... Back downstairs to the first floor, there's a tiny kitchen off the living room;

 fully equipped, and almost everything within reach without taking more than two steps. (Take a third step and you'd be back in the living room!)

So, once we had settled in, it was time for supper and a quiet evening before an early night.

More tomorrow...


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    1. Husband is concerned that the luggage would arrive via slingshot in through one window so fast that it would exit through the opposite window whether or not it was open... I think we would have to experiment with aim and velocity!