Monday 9 October 2023

Monday 9th October

 A good start to the week...

I have deleted what used to be called twitter,  without regret, and after nearly eighteen months on Duolingo,  I've deleted that as well. It had become a purposeless chore, rather than fun.

I did the Monday ballet exercise (feet and ankles), and have achieved 1300 steps so far this evening, and I'm hopeful I'll be able to get an9ther 700 before bedtime. That is a mile, according to my virtual Yosemite hike.

Yesterday I was following the road through the trees, which seem to be thinning out.

In about another mile the trail will leave the road which will make a change. Imagine if I  was really hiking through Yosemite at one mile a day! I think I'd manage a bit further on a real hike. I walk at about 1 mile an hour these days on level ground, so maybe 2-5 miles might be possible, depending on the terrain. But that's with someone else carrying everything! I think I'll stick to virtual hikes.

That vegetable gloop I made in the slow cooker didn't get switched off until bed time -oops. It looks and smells OK, just rather darker and more concentrated than planned. I've portioned it out to use as a base for casseroles etc.

All labelled and in the freezer. 

I'm also dealing with scrap fabrics. This was my bridesmaid's dress at a friend's wedding 46 years ago;

I had already made a summer skirt from the long skirt, about 30 years ago, long gone now. This is all that remains of one sleeve and some of the bodice, with the leftover bits reminding me of what remains after picking a chicken. 

I'm covering a shoebox with scraps from a gardening catalogue to keep all the bits of fabric in.

I thought if I just did one side at a time I might not get glue all over the table.

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