Saturday 16 December 2023

Saturday 16th December - the ta-da list

 No, not a typo, something I read today.

It was an article about housework or decluttering or getting ready for Christmas - I can't remember exactly what.

Anyway the writer was suggesting that instead of making a to-do list at the beginning of the day and then berating herself for all the missed items, she now makes an


list at the end of the day, where she can list everything she did get done.

Now that's an idea I can get behind!

My ta-da! list is huge today. I'm not going to write it all down as you'll read all the extra posts tomorrow concerning puff pastry, wrist warmers and flexagons...

I was let off present-wrapping today as we ran out of Christmas paper after just a few presents. Himself nipped off to the shops to buy more, and also dropped off three more bags of Christmas bric-a-brac at the Charity Shop while he was out and about. 

So all in all a fair lot got done today.

Surprising what a diffference good night's sleep makes. 


  1. Puff pastry. I got up at 6am for the loo and remembered to take the pastry out of the fridge so it was a room temperature. THAT was when I found the PP was still in the freezer and it was the box of shortcrust in the fridge, Cooking plans rearranged.

    1. What a gift it is to be infinitely flexible....