Wednesday 20 December 2023

Wednesday 20th December - snowdrops

 They snowdrops under the apple tree have flowered in time for Christmas Day every year for decades. 

Today we went out to look for them, and there they were, under a thick blanket of apple and oak leaves. We took the opportunity to move a couple of plastic garden chairs to somewhere out of sight. Once Himself  had cleared the leaves we found a goodly number of green spears and a couple of buds already showing a promise of the flower within.

Then the sun went in, and so did we, so no photograph today.


  1. Lots of daff leaves but no flowers and I think my snowdrops have disappeared! How lovely you have some already,

    1. Snowdrops seem to be a bit of a law unto themselves. These took years to get established.

  2. Hi Chris, I'm sorry it has taken me a few days to reply but I needed to give it a think!
    I were a garmin fit thingy on my wrist instead of a watch, which tots up how many steps I walk in a day, and that's what I enter into my conquerer events virtual walk app on my phone. It shows a map with my location, and I can use the little yellow 'pegman' to see a view.
    Any exercises I might do can be converted into the equivalent on steps (I hardly ever do any!) and if I am not walking outside I walk on the spot while watching television or listening to audio books, bbc sounds or music (Bach is very good!). I can do around 300 steps and then pause for breath. My app says 2000 steps is roughly a mile and I haven't checked - I'm not that bothered about accuracy.
    The app I use doesn't show 'real-time' progress along the trail, which wouldn't work for me anyway - firstly I can't do sustained walking (ie only about 5-10 minutes, depending on speed and terrain) and secondly I tally up steps through the day.
    If you are walking on a treadmill, you might prefer to search youtube for 'virtual treadmill trails', which seems to offer long videos - about an hour or so - of walking through countryside for people to watch while they are on a treadmill. This has the advantage of being free!
    Hope this is useful - K