Sunday 21 April 2024

Sunday 21st April

 I am so used to knitting or sewing while following our Sunday service on livestream that I'm sure I would be lost if I couldn't take some along if I was there in person. 

Anyway I finished the baby sock during the reading and sermon (the wedding in Cana, John's gospel, see I was listening properly as well).

In the afternoon I got into the garden for a very short while, but it was really too cold. I  came back in, and tackled a Very Large Storage Crate, half again as this one (which is next)

The papers were stored in six or seven of these, crammed full of

Daughter's school and uni notebooks and BB's jobsearch papers from a Very Long Time Ago. It's been sorted into 'recycle' or 'bin', and the crate has gone upstairs for reuse. That's about 2 square feet of floor space freed up in the hall; excellent!

Christmas Cards?

Yes indeed. I'm beginning the purge of the dining room table; this is the final task relating to the Christmas card list. I want to write a short note in reply to the notes inside these cards now, rather than waiting until next Christmas.  

The Countryfile weather report said that tonight would be 'perilously close to freezing ' so BB kindly went out and put a cloche over the tiny weeny peas just showing green above the earth.


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    1. None here this morning. Bright clear sunny day. Bet it's a bit cold though!