Tuesday 9 April 2024

Tuesday 9th April

 First of all, before I forget, this is the link for these fat quarters 

that I bought on amazon. Barbara Anne was asking about them in the comments yesterday.

Now, today... not much to say, really. I've done another three 'needle-fulls' of green thread around the various pictures on the cross stitch collaboration. 

I find it is a good idea if I thread three needles before I start stitching; that way I'm more likely to keep going! I'm just about halfway through the inner borders, and then it will be time to think about the outside one.

The baby sock, with sock yarn and 2.5mm needles is still remarkably quick to knit. I've altered the pattern slightly; because I really dislike doing knit-purl rib, I changed to stocking stitch; just knit round and round and round after just an inch of rib for the cuff.

I'd done half the cuff yesterday evening; today I did the heel flap, starting at the blue marker

and then the heel turn, (above) and the gusset. Now I'm on the homeward run, heading towards the toe.

After lunch I was feeling very restless; too much sitting indoors. The weather today was nothing like as inviting as yesterday but I braved the grey skies and gusty wind and went out into the garden for a bit. Fifteen minutes pottering around (another Crimson Flower broad bean is up!) made me feel much better. 

I want to sow some more seeds, so I made up another 40 paper pots using scrap paper. Tomorrow I shall decide what to sow...

Now it's evening TV time, and catching up with my step count time. I'm aiming for 2000 per day, and yesterday I managed to get to 3000 - hooray!


  1. You have achieved so much. I've been on grandma duty, and my Fitbit has broken, so I have no idea about my step count!

  2. Even with working in the garden well, mostly in the greenhouse I am only up to 895 steps today. What a let down! You did well.

    1. I'm usually about 700-800 steps by the time evening tv starts (Richard Osman House of Games) and then do 'walking on the spot' off and on until bedtime.

  3. Sowing paper pots from waste paper for seeds... I'll have to watch it on YouTube or yours... great idea.
    Your baby socks will be wonderful.
    And your fabric from Amazon is great,
    but best of all, your cross embroidery is... amazing. I love it.
    Every picture is wonderful.
    A hug for you from Viola
    I wish you a happy week.

    1. Thank you for all your lovely comments! I hope you have a good week too.