Wednesday 28 August 2013

Wednesday 28th August - Conversation between Mickey Mouse and the Technocrats

Occasionally my son posts something on his blog that is too techy for me. Well, here's a technical post for him.

It should be simple - seems very simple to me.

The Technocrats have lots of photographs on their super-dupes cameras which they, and I would like to post into my blogspot blog.

However, I am a simple soul, and have developed a very simple system which I can understand - I take the picture on my mobile phone, upload it to picasa, and then get it into the blog. Bob's your uncle and Charlie's your Aunt. So seeemple even a meerkat can do it.

The Technocrats are in consultation together on how to get their photographs into the blog; I understand the first step, which is I need to go through and choose which photos I want and copy and paste them into a folder. I can get my head round this thus far.

They are working on the least offensive (to their purist minds) method of proceeding.

They have totally and uncompromisingly rejected my solution;

Display the photograph I want on the screen of the laptop, take a photograph of the photograph with my mobile phone and upload that to picasa!

NOOO! they chorus as one.

I might try it anyway when they are not looking.

Oho oho

It CAN be done. But it ain't great.

And I got caught in the act. There is one very irritated technocrat on one side of me, and another one laughing on the other side of me. Perhaps they have a point!

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  1. The technocrats are picking all kinds of technical nits out of this post. I don't mind. It's..... educational and entertaining!