Monday, 23 July 2018

Monday 23rd July 2018 - And that's (nearly) that

Taught two lessons today - the last two of the academic year. All that remains is to go to a leaver's assembly tomorrow morning and then I can turn my attention to ...

clearing out the teacher bags
deleting old school registers (GDPR)
sorting out my teaching resources
reshuffling my timetable
answering 30 outstanding emails

reading, writing, playing the piano, lolling about, sleeping, doing what I please

The long weeks of searing hot weather continue; at lunchtime I filled tubs of water as a first stage in the watering-the-garden process;

Let's do some sums;
the small red and blue tubs contain around 8 l water, and there are 3 of them
the big red tub takes 6 small red or blue tubs to fill
the green tubs take 4 small tubs
the big blue tub takes 3 small tubs...

that's 24 small tubs of water, at 8 l each which is 24 trips to and from the kitchen tap carrying a total of 144 l water, or 144 kg. I've used just about all that water now, watering the garden.

I've also been experimenting with going over a pen sketch with a wet paintbrush... (copy of a sketch in a "how to draw book")

Pentel Multi 8 Set (japan import)
and daring to risk adding colour to an ink sketch, using my wonderful colour-change multi-8 pencil 

(copy of photograph of view through staff room window)

  Hmm - I'm happy enough with these for now.

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