Friday 9 October 2020

Friday 9th October - where did the time go?

 I was looking at the last post and saw it was dated 30th September - I hadn't realised nine days had gone by.

October now. There has been a Harvest Moon (missed it - oh well) and INKTOBER is well under way - an internet challenge to post a picture created using inkpen every day. The official site has a list of daily prompts, and so far I am only one day behind.

Here they are

1 Fish

2 Wisp

3 Bulky


5 Blade

6 Rodent

7 Fancy

8 Teeth

I didn't like what I did for this one yesterday, so will be re-drawing it.

9 Throw

Haven't done this yet

But this leads me on to the cabled blanket that I was painstakingly trying to rescue in the last post. I tinked all the way back and then started knitting again, only to discover so many problems along the way that I decided 'enough is enough' and frogged it back to nothing.

I'm much happier with this; 

I've decided to use up all the wool (two balls) to make one giant granny square. It is already the size of a cushion, and I can just go round and round and round and round while listen to audio books and podcasts or watching television, using hardly any brain at all.

What else is new? I don't know. I feel as though I'm living inside a Barbara Pym novel, 200 or more pages of trivialities, none of which amount to much but taken as a whole, and written up in her style, magically become some kind of story. Only, as I am inside the story, I can't see the overall plot. 

I suppose there may be a story plot in this feeling of not having a plot - all a bit Alice in Wonderland.

Ah, yes, here's something to look in to - I've discovered that in the BBC sounds app you can find talking books to listen to. Alice in Wonderland is one of them. I shall make a cup of tea, or coffee, and have a listen.

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  1. My concept of time is totally befuddled. I seem to be busy, time whizzes by, but it all seems unreal, somehow. Like you say, very Barbara Pym.