Tuesday 20 February 2024

Tuesday 20th February

 I have just finalised the next phase of my retirement, and told the parents of the children I teach that they need to find a new piano teacher for September. A bit of a wrench, and also, truth be told, a relief. One student is taking Grade 7 in a few week's, and that is really pushing the boundaries of what is achievable on zoom. 

One will be starting with her new teacher next week; I'm so pleased for her as I think she will really enjoy face to face lessons. 

This morning we saw the family on their way to school. Or rather we heard them; a squeal from the youngest announced their discovery of the replenished row of pebbles on the wall outside the house.

The parents, for both father and mother were there, looked round and caught sight of us finishing our breakfast at the far end of the living/dining room. We smiled and gave them a wave, and the children waved shyly back. So sweet.

I was trying to count how many plant foods I had eaten so far this week but kept running out of fingers. So I drew them again;

I need to add asparagus and pine nut kernels from our supper.

Yesterday I was experimenting with the drawing program on my tablet;

This was done using the highlighter pen to do the sea

And I used a crayon for the hedgehog.


  1. You are obviously giving a lot of pleasure with the painted pebbles!

    1. They are fun to do, but 29 will be plenty!

  2. I love the way you draw your palnt list! I think you will emjoy retirement.