Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday 10th June - kernels, boots and fish kettles

I always thought kernels were the rewards for wrestling with nut-crackers at Christmas, and boots were for made for walking.

Sometimes I can understand boggy-b, and sometimes it seems as though we come from different worlds.

As far as I know, boggy-b doesn't own a fish-kettle, doesn't know what they look like, and wouldn't know how to use one anyway. I can help with that;

and here is another one;

Fish Kettle All supplied with inset drainer plate. From Winware


  1. I've got absolutely no idea what fish kettles have to do with computers!

    My post is actually about a change to how computers will start up - in a nutshell, the BIOS will check if the operating system is signed by an approved publisher. The upside is it completely prevents boot sector viruses, but the downside is to install other operating systems you need to get them signed by one of those publishers or add it to an internal list of approved software (or just turn off the checks and allow the BIOS to boot whatever's there, but then you lose the benefits of this).

  2. There's another word I'm not familiar with! Took me years to realise that what I heard as "bias" was actually "BIOS". Now, "bias", for me, refers for fabric cut diagonally across the grain (the grain is the warp and weft). Bias-cut cloth is slightly stretchy and hangs in a more fluid way - you can see how I was confused when trying to work out how this fitted with computers!
    You were the one to mention about fish-kettles - !