Saturday, 30 March 2013

Saturday 30th March - Saying NO!

Today I am unwell, under the weather, feeling seedy, lurgied - say it how you will.

Nothing serious, nothing in particular. Just a bit bunged, a bit of a sore throat, a bit of a cough, a bit jelly-legged, a bit unwilling.

Every teacher probably knows how I feel - after all, it is the first weekend of the holidays.

So yesterday, the rest of the family went out for a walk and some fresh - really fresh! air in the biting chill and freezing wind. I thought I ought to go, for the sake of family time together, and at the last minute said NO!

Today, we were planning to go to Arundel, and were all ready to set off early, but as we put on coats and got ready, I thought about it, and said NO! So we went for plan B - going in to the town to enjoy the Easter Weekend Festival. We had a coffee, as we didn't need to set off, just yet, and then, I thought about it some more and said NO!

And each time, I immediately felt better. I also felt slightly guilty -  we are meant to be having a happy family time together - my son has come back for the Easter weekend and we do like to get out and about all together as a family, and I really didn't want to put a damper on the plans and the trips.

But the more I thought about walking round and doing this and that and wrapping up warm and trying to stay warm - the more I suddenly decided I was going to say NO!

Blame my mother - she gave me a good talking too the other day about "doing too much". (hat was dangerous territory - the quickest way to really, really make me cross is to start telling me how and what I should be doing. But this time I let her have her say without reacting - not because I thought she was right, but because she needed to say it! After all, she has to spend hours listening to people telling HER what she should be doing.) Blame all the pupils - teaching is a very demanding, high energy, high output profession. Blame the end-of-term music exam and concert season, with all the myriad complexities of scheduling and dove-tailing to keep track of. Blame whatever or whoever you like.

So I have stayed home, and made a cup of tea.

And felt so much better that I have ironed a few shirts, and mended the shirt that has been hanging around for a year, and put away the pile of thick jumpers that has been cluttering up my life because until now there has been no-where for them to go, and paid my Barclaycard bill by telephone rather than adding it to the to-do list, and sorted out a couple of hyacinth bulbs and a mini Christmas tree which have all been languishing in the garden since January.

And hung some washing to dry and put away some washing.


I'm beginning to suspect that it is not so much "cleanliness is next to Godliness" but "tidiness is next to Godliness".

All this untidiness and half-finished-ness everywhere was beginning to wear me out.

oh, the tree is crooked. I'll have to do something about that as it has just started to snow. (Pause while I nip out and straighten it).

That's better. This time it is the photo that is crooked, not the tree.

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