Sunday 27 October 2013

Sunday 27th October - Corrections

A page from the Hindu calendar 1871–1872.

A reader (he knows who he is!!!) has noticed that sometimes, maybe occasionally, perhaps even frequently, the day-date-month part of the heading of my posts can be - misleading, inaccurate, or, to put it plainly, wrong.

Calendar of the Qahal, 5591 (1831)

Well, now that I am a grown-up, I don't like doing corrections.

Not since I used to have to write out my spelling corrections six times, neatly, at the end of the dictation tests at primary school.

All I will say is that the DAY of the post refers to the DAY. And the MONTH of the post refers to the MONTH. Usually. And sometimes the Date is right too.

A calendar from the Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad

And sometimes not.

I've double-checked - today looks ok at the moment.

Richard of Wallingford pointing to a clock, his gift to St Albans Abbey

Oh, by the way, have you remembered to put your clocks back? We did.

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