Friday, 14 February 2014

Friday 14th February - Knitting

This wasn't the kind of knitting of the "Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care"  type. (Macbeth Act 2 Sc 2, for those of you who don't feel like googling).

More like the stuff of nightmares - I must have unravelled as much as I ravelled when making these squares.

I made them all over the last week and weekend, when I was off work with the kind of chest infection which doesn't make me feel ill, but means I am supposed to take it easy.

So, I took most of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off, (did a bit of piano teaching in the evening,  because, compared to class teaching, that's not really "work"), and went out for lunch at Wagamama on Saturday (ginger chicken udon - yum yum) and a brief tour of Waitrose.

Then, because it would be really inconvenient if I were not able to work on Monday (I was going to be Observed, and also it's a been a bit tight squeezing in the contracted number of sessions this term), I tested my stamina by doing Sunday School - that went OK, so I decided that  was better.

Back to work on Monday then.

Meanwhile, through the long tedious hours of daytime TV and radio and so forth, I completed five squares of the patchwork blanket project, started nearly two years ago, and lying fallow for months.

I seem to have used up nearly all of the bright coloured yarn, and have mainly blue and khaki left. Time for a trip to the wool shop.

Oh. I forgot. I'm supposed to be resting. Again. Because, yesterday, Thursday, I started to load the car ready for samba and ukulele and recorder and class teaching, and suddenly my legs turned to jelly, and I realised that I was not going to be able to strut my stuff with my samba drum and my samba whistle, or whang out a tune on my uke. So I rang in sick, and went back to the Doctor.

She said I should REST. As in DO NOTHING. I whinged about piano teaching not being real work, but she was insistent that anything that requires CONCENTRATION is work. So that definitely rules out knitting. The sixth square will have to stay on the needles for another couple of days.

I've gone back to bed, with laptop, mobile phone, Kindle, tray for tea-making - everything I need to a low-concentration day. This has made the Uptairs Cat very, very happy.

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