Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thursday 6th February - Staying In

Today I'm not teaching samba, or class music, or recorders, or ukulele club. I have cancelled tonight's piano teaching, and all tomorrow's teaching.

I'm tucked up in bed, with a tea-tray, and my lap-top computer and mobile phone and Kindle and radio (and the cat) for company and entertainment, feeling that I really should be at work.

I feel a complete fraud; I've been told NOT to go into work and to REST. But I feel ok, not Properly Ill at all.

I've a chest infection; probably as a result of the disgusting head cold I had all last week. I cancelled one school last week, but taught everything else. The problem with the kind of chest infections that I seem to be prone to is that they don't make me feel ill - just a bit breathless, a bit lacking in stamina. I can keep going for weeks - have done so in the past. Unless I take myself to a doctor and get checked out, I don't realise that I've got one. Or, in this case, another one. This is something that I'm going to have to watch; the combination of my dodgy lung function, and the immune system suppressing drugs that I am taking, will make me vulnerable to chest infections from now on.

However, my Lent resolution (which I am getting into training for) is to Do What I Am Supposed To Do. Things like obeying speed limits, completing forms for work by the due date, not overstaying parking tickets, answering emails, and, today's challenge, following the doctor's advice.     

Still it could be a lot worse. I could be feeling ill instead of just a tad guilty. I'll just have to make the best of things - tea, radio, reading, daytime tv.....

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  1. When I saw "do as I' supposed to do" I suggested to the other ( won't say "better") half that I could make a suitable comment snout that I was informed it would mostly like be an unsuitable comment, so I'll stop now and say "get well soon"