Friday 11 December 2015

Friday December 11th - Advent 11

My tea consumption is drawing comment....

This is the reason:

I usually ask for an Advent candle as a birthday present, or an Advent calendar. Something along these lines (thank you very much; I am enjoying lighting it every evening, except when I have to wait because I let it burn down too far the other day)

 I wasn't expecting this!

Each drawer is very nearly the right size for a tea bag, and my son has squished one into each little compartment. So, everyday, I have had a different tea bag for my cuppa; today's was

If you look closely, you will see that I used it to help me through setting up next term's calendar. Term starts on 4th January, and I need to have rounded up 29 ukuleles (there are apparently only 18 in the stores), made contact with several schools to sort out dates, sent out invoices, sent in reports and registers, you know, paperwork, admin, stuff (and nonsense???). Tea was what was needed.

Still, back in the "bad old days", I used to spend July and August researching Christmas Shows and songs for the children, and the whole of Christmas looking through Easter music. Someone else does that now, and I can mostly stay in the right season of the year. 

Two more End of Term Concerts to go, (tomorrow morning) and two more afternoons of school teaching, and a few piano lessons and then that's me done teaching for this year. I'll then turn my attention to planning next term... samba, ukulele, djembe, keyboard and class music lessons to get straight  before I launch into 2016.

You can send the sad violins back - I'm not complaining - I really and truly am looking forward to planning new adventures and crazy music lessons... look out kiddies, here I come...

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