Sunday 7 February 2016

Sunday 7th February - Taking a Breather

This week has been fairly, but not impossibly, full of detail.

Tomorrow will be the service at the crematorium. This has dominated large chunks of every day. Probably larger chunks of my father's days than mine.

But, like a cliché, everyday life continues.

The branches on the willow trees have turned to amber and honey gold. (This picture is from last Spring, as I wasn't able to stop and take a picture this week.)

Our next-door-neighbour's crocuses are out in drifts across their flower beds. And I checked when I was driving past a particular sheltered south-facing hedge on Friday, and the earliest hawthorn leaves are definitely out.

This weekend has been full of family time, as son and daughter have been around. We've been out for a pizza together, played board games, eaten chocolate, sat about and just generally given ourselves an easy couple of days together. Tomorrow will be what it is - the music has been chosen, the service sheets printed, the various tributes written, the other words and poems chosen. Finger crossed (especially in view of the weather forecast!)

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