Monday, 18 April 2016

Monday 18th April - My New Bestest Thing

The new bathroom has been finished (nearly) for about a month or so now. The old bathroom had been installed back in 1984 - just before we moved in. I say "installed" - they hadn't connected the bath overflow to anything - if you over-filled the bath, the water just poured through the floorboards, They hadn't bolted the sink to the wall - it merely rested on the pedestal, held in place by the plumbing for the taps. And they hadn't bolted the lavatory to the floor - it rocked ominously, and any sudden movement would have caused a disconnect in the connection to the soil pipe.

After thirty two year of waiting, and eventually just blanking out the deficiencies of the cheap fittings and horrible colour of the old bathroom and loo, (obviously we rectified the installation faults as and when we discovered them) we have a Bee-uooo-ti-ful Bathroom.

Oh, enough with words, just let me show you. Let's start with the loo.

It is white, modern. The floor is tiled and sealed around all the edged (we have had many changes of lino and vinyl tiles and so on over the years). The walls are half-tiled tiled too (sooo much better than the series of vinyl wallpapers we have had as "temporary" measures). More to the point, WE CHOSE IT. We have never, in any of the houses we have ever lived in, CHOSEN a whole bathroom.

Here's the basin, in the bathroom next door.

Look, we have a "vanity unit" under the basin to store all the stuff. Up until now it was all just piled into a second waster-paper bin. I LOVE the basin. I LOVE the tap. I polish them both every day to keep it all shiny. Seriously.

We have a shower, running off beautiful mixer taps.

Oh my. Just fancy being able to CHOOSE the taps. I clean the bath every time I use it. Truly. Wipe all the splashes of water off the chrome, shine up the taps, dry the waste-plug (also chrome) so that we don't get hard-water marks.

We chose and fitted grab handles, so that my father could come and have a bath, I use them all the time - how convenient! And I wipe them down too. I am determined to keep this bathroom perfect for ever and ever and ever. Here are the tiles in the bathroom in close up.  

And here are the same tiles, but in the loo.

I love the way the colours in the tiles change according to the time of day, and whether the lights are on. The bathroom is all white tiled, with white spotlights in the ceiling, so the tiles tend to be silvery, as well as all the other colours. The walls in the loo are currently just bare plaster, sort of pinkish brown, and the light shade turns the light more golden. So the tiles appear more golden. One day we will have to decide what colour to paint the loo walls. I'd like to pick something out from the tiles - peacock blue? emerald green? bright pink? purple? gold? I'm in no hurry to choose.

In the old days, I used to spend my time in the bath planning the day ahead, thinking over things, busy busy, busy, mind working overtime. Now, I just look at the tiles, admire the taps, and think how lucky, lucky, lucky I am. Perfect.

Oh, sorry, were you expecting some "interesting" post from me?  Sorry - this really is my new bestest thing and about the most interesting and important part of the house at the moment.

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