Saturday 31 March 2018

Friday 30th March - Good Friday.

Everyone went out except me - I lazed in bed all morning, and then, i  the afternoon, did a mammoth "Clearing The Dining Room Table" effort, with the assistance of of The Son.

Husband and daughter went out on a bonding daytrip to IKEA. To investigate wardrobes and sofa beds and all kinds of stuff for her forth-coming move in two week's time. Yes, that's in about TWO weeks. She's moving further south, and further west, into that top floor flat. They came back with lists and ideas and some purchases ans still on friendly good terms.

Son went in to the Good Friday All Churches Together service in the town centre. A good turnout, he said, all things considered, especially since it was tipping it down with rain and everyone hidden under umbrellas. He returned after lunch in time to help me with my marathon tidy-up.

I stayed warm in bed, listened to the John Sanders Reproaches on youtube, the one with this picture. The words are so heartfelt, the harmonies so perfect.

and then Pergolesi Stabat Mater, with Emma Kirkby and James Bowman singing. This one.

Piercingly beautiful.

You will have to search for them yourself - I can't find where the link is displayed on the youtube screen, and all I have managed to achieve is to instruct the tv downstairs to play it. Which will be a shock when they switch it on later this evening.

As for the afternoon; having spent the morning regaining my strength and sanity (a greater task than I had first thought) I expended it all on clearing the table, getting Son to carry several crates of music teaching files upstairs, en route to being sorted and mostly jinked.

(Daughter has just appeared
"Did you just try and send some music to the TV?"
"It's just that they are standing there, staring at the screen in bafflement and surprise as it has just lurched into life all by itself.")

Where was I? Oh yes. I wondered if getting ready to chuck all those lever arch files would cause me any twinges, but no, not at all. Goodbye, goodbye! Only 12 lessons left with each of those classes next term, and then what? We shall see.

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