Thursday 5 April 2018

Thursday 5th April - Hello World

Apart from a fruity cold, I am feeling restored and revived after the exhausting efforts of last term - Hurrah!

I've started reading Ironheart by Charlie Fletcher, the sequel to Stoneheart. It's all a bit fast-paced and complicated,  and I would be surer that all will end well if there wasn't a third book in the series. At the moment no-one except the baddies are doing well.

I've knitted a foliage design on the scarf. I'll take a picture tomorrow when there's more to see.

I've learned the hard way that a 300 piece jigsaw is too fiddly for a tablet. I did finish it in the end.

We've beem to the garden centre to buy flowers for some friends, and more bird seed. Feeding the birds has become rather to watch. The expert in the garden centre recommended a slightly different feeder (at £3.50 it was worth a punt) and said the birds liked sunflower seeds best. So that's what we've put up, next to the old one, on a branch sticking out of the hedge.

I've done my 10-line drawing - honestly, just ten lines...

The squirrels have found our older feeder. Number One son caught it in the act. I've done the drawing from his description. Afterwards the pigeons waddle in to hoover up the seed scattered on the ground. The feeder goes from half full to empty in a few minutes.

There's a challenge...

Number One Son was in charge of tonight's meal. Chicken Satay - most excellent.

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