Friday 23 November 2018

Friday 23rd November - finished day

I finished at lunchtime today - I was supposed to be volunteering at a school helping out with ukuleles (tuning thirty new instruments takes a while - they go out of tune within minutes when they are new) but dropped out.

Friday is meant to be a free day, but I am using the mornings to catch up on some of the missed lessons (paid for in advance by the parents) from last week. The total is going down - six lessons will be reimbursed so I don't have to fit them in, and I did four today, so the outstanding number has gone from twenty-six to sixteen.

The lesson observation due yesterday didn't happen - something cropped up and my manager was unable to come. Can't say I am sorry! I was running out of voice by then, so the singy part of the lesson was definitely lacking in oomph.

However I did walk to work today, and with my back-pack - I wouldn't have been happy to do that on Monday or Tuesday, so that is a good sign.

Today's music; Siete canciones poplulares espagnol by Miguel de Falla. Specifically the fourth song, 'Jota', at 5' 11''. This link takes you to all six songs, in the original version for voice and piano. But it has been endlessly arranged for violin, cello, guitar...

The jota is a traditional song from Aragon in Spain

Map of Aragon
I did a bit of Googling of this part of Spain - it looks to be an amazing place.

Image result for aragon spain

Now I am about to have a bath (in the afternoon? why not!) and a snooze before drumming, and a flying visit from the offspring, and an early-ish night. Probably after a board game maybe...

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