Saturday 24 November 2018

Saturday 24th November - Sat-down day

Yes, I have done a lot of sitting down today - not all of it at my ease.

When I was about fifteen years old, I changed schools, and therefore changed piano teachers. I didn't take to the new teacher. Her teaching style was different, and she was a lot older (probably about the same age as I am now). I think she was the one who made me decide that I would NEVER become a piano teacher. One of the reasons was that when she sat on the old-fashioned piano stool, one like this,

Victorian Piano Stool

her rear-end, upholstered in sensible tweed, exactly fill the space between the handles on either side. I reckoned that if sitting on a piano stool all day did that to your figure then I would choose another career. Oh well.

So I spent this morning sitting on a piano stool like this

Yamaha NB1DW Piano Bench, Dark Walnut

teaching a procession of tired, coughing children. The winter term is certainly taking it out of everyone. 

Luckily I had my trusty flask of real coffee with me, and a separate flask filled with our latest Find in the way of tea;

Spiced Ginger - 20 Single Tea Bags
not to be confused with lemon-and-ginger or (slight shudder) gingerbread flavour tea. In fact, He and are are sitting companionably near each other; I'm rattling out this blog post, and he's reading his kindle and providing a lap for Leo the cat.

The house is very quiet now - The offsprings came last night for a flying stopover. They had a full weekend involving, amongst other activities, sleeping in, meeting up with friends, go-karting and  construction of a banoffee pie. We are not getting any pie, except for a remaining chocolate digestive biscuit (why not bung it in with the rest, I ask myself?) and a spare chocolate flake. The pie itself has gone with them to a Thanksgiving Supper, organised every year by the hosts of the weekly pasta-and-games evening that happens throughout the year.

Today's music is the first of 'Three Sacred Hymns' by Schnittke, comprising settings of the 'Hail Mary', 'Jesus Prayer' and 'Lord's Prayer'.

This version, by the Sofiavokalensemble, comes from a beautiful, but echoing church.

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