Friday, 15 November 2019

Friday 15th November - Wish Lists

Now here's a problem;

this blog is a great place for me to add items to my 'wishlist' so that my nearest and dearest know the sort of things that I've got my eye on for Birthday and Christmas Presents.

But suppose I want to have a quick reference guide to present ideas I have discovered for everyone else?

I've a few ideas about how to incorporate such a page into this blog.... hidden pages, secret posts...

I'll give it some thought.

A bit like hiding Christmas presents in the bottom of the wardrobe or at the back of the cupboard under the stairs until Christmas Day? I've just googled 'hiding Christmas Presents' and come up with a dozen articles with bizarre instructions on where to hide presents. Do people have NO imagination?

Image result for hide christmas presents                                                  Image result for secret hiding places

Oh, by the way, I've knitted 20 little Christmas Trees now... just a few more to go.


It looks as though all the hoops have been jumped through, and most of the obstacles cleared. If all goes to plan my godmother will be moving next week to a Nursing Home a few miles from where we live. The same one that my mother stayed in. Fingers Crossed... 

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