Thursday 14 November 2019

Thursday 14th November - Advent calendars

I'm a great fan of Advent calendars.

I usually have the on-line Jacquie Lawson one,

and a wooden one with tiny little wooden drawers - I can't find a picture of mine, so here's one like His's;

Image result for wooden advent calendar

and a fabric pocket wall hanging that I made many years ago, (this isn't mine, I made it for a friend last year. One again I can't find a picture of mine).
Image result for fabric advent calendar pockets kit

and maybe even a chocolate calendar as well (but if it isn't posh chocolate I'd rather not. Sorry to seem picky, but that's how it is).

Image result for lindt advent calendar

Scrolling through facebook, I discovered this advertisement;

from - where you can buy porridge and muesli and ACCESSORIES for porrige and muesli!

Well, I'm never going to pay £40 for an Advent calendar, but it does give me an idea. Now that it is colder I like a bowl of porridge in the mornings...

I'm all warm and centrally heated inside after a bowl of muesli with hot milk for breakfast, and moderately awake having had the first cup of coffee (I really need two cups to move out of first gear).

I shall now get busy constructing a porridge Advent calendar, when I have worked out how.

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