Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Wednesday 13th November - so far, so good

A lovely clear, bright Autumn morning, although it is clouding over a bit now.

The roads are still very green, very gold - the nests of the rookery are just becoming visible now that the oak trees have lost some leaves.

I slept well all last night - hope you did too?

My godmother has cleaned us out of money notes and coins - we are her bankers! She writes us a cheque, and we hand over the lolly. So himself will have to amble round to the corner shop and buy someting diddy (bar of chocolate, I expect!) with a five pound note in order to feed any hungry car park machines.

You see - today, our news is all little trivial events. What a lovely change.

I'll go and teach a classroom of young and fidgety guitarists in a minute, come home and do some piano teaching. All very calm and normal.

And I'm only slightly twitchy that my godmother's phone has been engaged for the last hour... She has probably not put it back in the cradle. If she needs us, she can still ring us. Or press the red button on her wrist if there is a real problem. Or I can ring the neighbour later this afternoon if it is still engaged...

More breathing? More tea? What a good idea...

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