Tuesday 12 November 2019

Tuesday 12th November - and Breathe


It's  been a long day, full of questions, and with not enough answers yet, but another meeting soon should bring clarity..

The important thing is that we have visited my godmother. What we saw, and were able to discover from her conversation and from being there reassured us sufficiently allow a serious reduction in anxiety levels.

Here's a thing; if one drifts past her from time to time over the course of an hour, quietly providing 

a half cup of bouillion  
a couple mini chocolate-covered rice cakes
a fruit drink made from apple puree, hot water and sugar
a couple of small crispbreads spread with butter

she will consume all these mini-morsels without any effort or distress in between conversations about this, that and the other. 

I have removed the remainder of the rice cakes from the biscuit tin, where she had tidied them away, and left them in a transparent container beside where she usually sits. I'll count how many are left when we visit next!

I doubt she will have eaten much more than that today - but it is probably a lot more than she ate yesterday. 

Good Night, Sleep Tight


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