Sunday 8 August 2021

Sunday 8th August - Autumn

 No really. And knowing that the first day of Autumn in the medieval calendar is 7th August, makes me feel a whole lot better about putting on socks and shoes instead of going barefoot, and wearing a scarf, or, today, a fleece.

It makes sense - Harvest is an 'Autumn' sort of thing, and really gets going in August.

All my good resolutions about going for walks have been washed away in the rain this past week. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. I've walked round the garden and eaten a couple of runner beans from the top of the plants, having carefully inspected them for slug trails and wildlife first.

We seem to have sorted out the cat's problems to some extent. My little water feature was unceremoniously emptied out into the thick laurel hedge at the bottom of the garden, water, algae, rocks, sticky water and all. We suspect that it may have been the source of the parasites that McCavity has been harbouring. And we have bought some dry biscuit food called 'Meowing Heads' to supplement they ordinary cat food. 

I've been getting used to my new sketchbook. I watch tutorials on youtube (they have to be short, and I have to like the sound of the voice over)

Having watched 'how to draw trees in pen and ink' I had a go at following the same general idea in coloured pencil and watercolour. It's all practice for when we go on holiday.

Holiday? Where? When? Oh, somewhere, sometime, in the future...

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