Thursday 2 September 2021

Thursday 2nd September - New Enthusiasms

 It's been quite a good week, all in all.

I've just got one loose end left after the flurry of activity relating to my hospital appointment in London next week - arranging a local PCR test. It seems you can't book these more than a day or two in advance (why?) so that has to stay on my HOT to-do list for a few more days.

(Knock knock do a great range of sticky note pads, planning pads and downright silly pads...) 

The most recent useless financial expenditure I have indulged in is signing up for a virtual trek through the Dutch bulb fields. This is in lieu of one of a number of holidays that are on another to do list that I daren't look at too often in case I jinx it.

The idea is that you fork out your dosh, download the app and choose your trek. Mine is 41 miles through fields of tulips in Spring time. - I update the app with how far I have walked that day, and it moves my avatar along the route. Today I received a virtual postcard and an interesting potted history of the town I am passing through. When I have finished I will get a medal!

 I have set a target of 7 weeks to complete my walk so I'm not in any great hurry.

One of the features is that you can 'see' your route using the little yellow man on google maps. So it looks as though I have been ambling along a pavement/cycle land in a quiet street with houses along one side and woodland along the other. 

Another great thing is that it will always be the right time of year - and the walk 'feels' completely flat - well, it would, being the Netherlands. But supposing I had picked Hadrian's Wall? Or Mount Kilimanjaro? Neither of these are a realistic possibility for me, but now... If you are inspired by this, have a look at

Other news -  the cuttings I took yesterday of the lavender, and the the day before of the salvia armistead plants haven't died yet. The little green 'toy' watering can is proving to be one of my 'best buys' this year.

The passion flower is making a brave attempt, nothing like as rampant as last year, (that's one of the salvias beside it)

The fuscia is having a second go at flowering, and, hello, a nasturtium, self seeded from last year.