Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Wednesday 20th October - Maybe that was a bit unkind...

The phone rings, and I'm expecting a call that I'm looking forward to. 

'Hello. who's calling?' 

'Hello, my name is Anthony, how are you today?' The voice is pleasant, with a slightly American accent. And certainly NOT the friend who is about to call. So my reply is ungracious and peevish.

'Oh, not as well as I was a minute ago.' That's because I'm peeved that it is a cold caller and not the call I was waiting for. Anthony pauses for amicro-second, and returns to his script.

'I am calling from United Appliances we are conducting a survey into popular domestic appliances it will only take 50 seconds how do you wash your clothes?'

'I, err,'

'Which one do you use Bosch Miele Hotpoint Hoover?' he sounds patient in an impatient sort of way.

'None of them I wash my clothes in the river.' I'm rather afraid that is an untruth. Before he can get going again I carry. 'Look, I'm really not in the mood, why don't you call someone else goodbye'. And I put the phone down to start typing again.

Seconds later;


The front door.

A youth in high viz with a clipboard mumbles

'I'm from Mumblemumble would you like a quote for getting your paving cleaned?'

'No thank you.' It is taking me an effort to stay even slightly civil.

'Not even a free estimate?'

'No thank you, goodbye,' and I close the door (gently) as he turns away.


Knock if you dare....

Deep Breath.

My desk (alias the dining table) is out of control - I have the books from four lessons and the write ups to put away, and I have two or three new projects fizzing around in my brain and I am really, not, in, the, mood!

So maybe my response to these hapless folk working in call centres or tramping round the streets in the cold wind was less than optimal, but I was still more civilized than I might have been.

I am embroiled in Projects.....

The apron project

I made a dress this Summer

and although I'm quite pleased with it, I'm not in love with it. The fabric is rather stiff, and hasn't softened with washing. So, my plan is to turn it into a 'Japanese' or 'studio' apron, those aprons with cross-over shoulder straps that you sort of wriggle into, and all kinds of crafts women wear (especially on The Repair Shop) and look so purposeful in. It should help protect my 100DayDress too.

Seasalt do one for £27.50

Seasalt studio apron

It has taken me several days of eyeing up my summer dress and working out how to cut the back to achieve this, but I think I've just about got it sorted out in my mind. I should be able to cut it in such a fashion as to create one strap all-of-a-piece with the front and back, and then cut a sort of patch to make the other strap. I'll use the hem to do that, and also to make pockets. It will take me several more days to work up the nerve to start cutting. When it has all gone wrong I'll cut what's left into a smaller, ordinary apron and put the Seasalt on on my Christmas List and be happy with that. 

The Spring Bulbs Project

The apron seems a good idea for when my tulip bulbs arrive - I've just had an email to tell me that they are on their way. I've ordered some from Sarah Raven but then I discovered that they would be delayed, maybe, so I ordered some more from Farmer Gracy and these are due by next week. Sarah Raven discusses 'lasagne planting', where you layer up the different bulbs in the same pot and I thought I would have a go. An apron seems a good place to start.

from the Sarah Raven catalogue

 The only thing is that I don't want to have the big patio tubs full of 'gone over' spring bulbs when I want to put something else in. Sooo, I wonder if it will work if I use some tall deep flower pots, and layer the bulbs in those, and then sink those pots into the big wide patio tubs? Then I can lift them out and leave them to their own devices at the bottom of the garden. 

The Advent Calendar Project

Oh, I start thinking about this every year, but whether I manage to put one together is another matter. Still, it's half term next week, and then there's rest of November. The questions are still not resolving into answers; what form, how, what materials....

Knit myself a chunky jumper

I should take a reality check here - I have a scarf, a tea-cosy and two crochet blankets on the go. 

But a chunky jumper... would that really take so long to make?

The O Antiphon Projects;

This is the one I am actively working on  - a short Advent course for me and some friends... It has more or less come together just today, and I am beginning to rough out the sessions, gather the information and work out how to run it.

And the 100DayDress challenge? Today was day 47. I'm still in love with the dress. I had to do some spot cleaning at the weekend as I discovered an number of grease spots. They cleaned off easily enough.




  1. My daughters used to answer all these questions with "from Sweden" or "but I'm Swedish" then hang up, when they were teenagers! Re your dress to apron, do check out this site. I've made three of these now (using old table linens) the instructions, dimensions and strap placement details are helpful.
    Have a good day!

  2. Simplistically "cold callers" deserve all they get. F O A D is our response! Although being English really helps here. Usually, as soon as our voices appear they hang up. We could teach you some very basic Polish..... On the subject of craft, GO FOR IT! I used to enjoy dressmaking with my mum. I still do all my own sowing, taking up trousers etc.

  3. I really like the style of your summer dress, sorry the fabric didn’t work out. Do you mind telling what pattern you used?

  4. The pattern comes from Merchant and Mills - called 'The Camber Set'. I left the sleeves off when making the dress but the arm-holes were a little low for that! I have used the pattern many times - it is quite straightforward apart from a leap of faith when attaching the back yoke to the front. If you manage to do what it says, the result is very satisfying!

  5. Oh, I’d been thinking of buying that very pattern, and this is reinforcing that notion. Thank you.