Tuesday 4 January 2022

Tuesday 4th January - Waiting

I have a feeling of being suspended between one 'season' and the next. It's hard to explain; 

There was Advent, a time of preparation, 

and then there was Christmas, the main event. 

Then there were the days between Christmas and the New Year, when we took things quietly, looking at the Christmas presents, making the kits (on-going in the case of his complicated 'build a wooden clock' kit, chomping our way through tins of mince pies, Christmas cake, bowls of chocolates and snacks.

Now, this seems another suspended time, nearly but not quite back to 'normal'. I'm, not starting teaching until next week - it is always worth giving the school term a week to get under way, and the students a chance to do some emergency piano practice.

I'm actually looking forward to taking down the Christmas Tree this year in a few days time, because I have bought some Christmas Tree and ornament storage bags bags, and it is well past time that we went through all the bags and boxes and and bits and pieces of 'Christmas' that get jumbled together and put into the loft (or left lying around in the spare bedroom, as happened last year!). Some of the things needs to be kept, but a lot never come out from one year to the next. 

There's nothing like New Storage Boxes and Bags to making tidying up seem more fun! But not yet, I'll have to wait until Epiphany. The Christmas lights may stay a little longer - we'll see.

Last Spring, or maybe the one before, I replaced the wreath on the wall beside the front door with a sort of home-made basket of tete-a-tete daffodils. 

I found the net, and a bag of moss when I was clearing the shed back in the Summer, and seen where I can some pots like these on-line, so that will be one of today's tasks.


  1. I don't like the term Crimbo - but it does sound like you are in Crimbo-Limbo right now. Hope you are settled down into a Happy New year soon ❤️

  2. I'm in agreement with your dislike of 'Crimbo'! Also 'Kringle' and any other weird substitute words for 'Christmas'!

  3. The daffs look lovely and those new bags are fabulous!!