Monday, 28 March 2022

Monday 28th March - New word

I love words, the sound of them, the look of the, and the feel of them when you say them. We watch Richard Osman's 'House of Games' (BBC2 at 6pm) and particularly enjoy the word games, especially the final game, 'Answersmash' when the answer is a combination of a picture and a word clue;

Answer; Father Teddy the Eagle

Today I've found a word that feels lovely to say; and appears to exactly describe me.

BB was given a pad - for shopping lists? To do lists? It's that kind of shape, long and thin, and has a new word on each page. The next page has 'extemporize' (I peeked) which is not a new word for me, or many, I suspect. But 'abulia'.....

Hang on, once you start googling, it is less amusing than it seems at first sight - abulia is a recognised medical condition, caused by a brain injury, needing diagnosis and, if possible, treatment.. Perhaps we all tend to be a bit free in our use of medical terminology to describe something moderately trivial in our own lives which is actually serious and debilitating illness in 'real life'..

Here's a better definition. Note the inclusion of 'abnormal'.

  Well, no, that's not really me. I won't have much use for this word after all.

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