Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Wednesday 31st August - Last day of the Summer holidays

Well, not for me. The schools go back tomorrow, but I'm not planning to get going with the full teaching schedule until Monday 12th September. There's too much shuffling of timetables and changing of lesson dates to be wrangled before then, as the students change schools, clubs and classes.

It has been feeling quite Autumnal the last few evenings and mornings, and there's definitely a change in the weather, even though it is still warm and sunny.

A seed catalogue arrived in the post and I have spent several mornings perusing the pictures, and adding page markers... I have a fancy to grow cauliflowers in pots - it seems you can only fit one plant into a 12 inch pot though. Maybe if I buy the dwarf variety?

This is last week's Johanna Basford picture in the last year's journal, all in French, that I bought so cheaply. I decided NOT to use green, and I've come to the conclusion that I am missing a touch of green here or there. I'm not a great butterflies and fairies person, but it was a useful experiment.

I've at last decided what to record - books, as I start and finish them, with maybe a comment. Or maybe not.

I've also made a start on this week's picture. I found about five leaves I had missed after I took the photograph. The picture might be on its side. Or it might not. It is certainly an education seeing how she manages to ring the changes for designs in order to provide 52 different pictures.

Drawings - I've got a bit further on with August's picture since I drew this, but it is still not ready to post Ang posted her card a few days ago, but it hasn't arrived yet. The Postal strike and Bank Holiday weekend does not make for a speedy service!

Do you want a clue for this month's embroidery picture from me? Oh, alright. I've just bought this on Kindle; I suspect I have (as usual) let myself in for more than I bargained for, but will muddle on through.

I didn't do any stitching at all on the postcard on Sunday, as we went round to our next door neighbour's for an hour or so in the afternoon, and after wine and crisps I thought I'd better not pick up a needle!

That's meant to be one of our cats, Leo. She drags her ancient body up the stairs most mornings to spend ten minutes or so with me. Highly inconvenient if I have just decided to get up, because I hate to disappoint her after she has made such an effort. So I go back to bed and read my book for a little while... and another chapter.... and to find out what happened next.....

and before I know it, another half hour or so has disappeared.

I'm managing to hit my daily step target of 2750 steps, sometimes even getting more than 3000. However, there are uncertainties in the gadget's discrimination between activities. I now take it off when I practice the piano, (and then get very annoyed if I forget to put it back on). Today I gained about 100 steps just changing all the pillowcases on our bed - 12 pillowcases in all, three 'top' pillowcases and three 'under' pillowcases, and we both have three pillows; two for sleeping on and another for sitting up in bed reading. Then there were a number of pillows in the two other bedrooms so I stripped them off too. I am forever trying to match up pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers in colour-coordinated sets, but continually thwarted. I reckon in a few washes' time I might have nailed it. 

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