Friday, 21 October 2022

Friday 21st October - What a slug-a-bed!

I didn't wake up properly until gone 8 am this morning, and stayed in bed reading and (should I admit to this?) browsing blogs, the  daily Persephone post, the BBC news website and even twitter. I might be there till, except my phone's battery symbol went red, and then the screen went black.

So here I am, watching the rain scudding across the garden. I had just nipped out to sow some pea seeds when the first drops fell. Still one day will be as good as another.

I have read that you can sow green peas (the sort you eat) and sweet peas now, in a cold frame, so that's my plan. Then you can have seedlings to plant out in the Spring - unless mice, who appear to be partial to any kind of peas, find them first.

I plan to keep them in the plastic mini-greenhouse (the one which doesn't have any plastic left in the cover), which sits on an old table at the side of the house. I thought I might put cut-up plastic milk bottles over the pots as extra protection;

I imagine clear plastic bottles would be better, but hopefully the white plastic of the milk containers will let in enough light. 


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  1. Good call on the peas and milk bottles! Kezzie x