Wednesday 19 October 2022

Wednesday 19th October - I'm on a roll! (It won't last!)

 Today is unexpectedly clear, as two of today's four music students have rescheduled.

I'm not complaining! But I will be tomorrow, when I deal with a fairly packed schedule, because that's when they will have rescheduled their lessons. Ho Ho Ho, I should check my diary before I make arrangements.

Thinks are getting done - I have been ordering stuff in anticipation of Christmas. I love ordering presents online or from catalogues; it feels like having a extra presents. When the stuff comes thumping through the letterbox I can have the pleasure of opening and oohing and aahing before wrapping itup and giving it away.

Today's haul was seed packets, and yesterday's was 'The Persephone Biannually' - 

a mix of short stories, reviews, news and the catalogue listing of all their books. Absolutely free; I like to get the paper copy so that I can carry it around and read it in odd moments here and there, although you can download it, or read on-line. The website is well worth a browse...

Monty Don was sowing broad beans in pots on Gardener's World the other day. He says to start them off in pots, keep them outside but protect from slugs and snail, and plant them out at the end of November or early December. So that's my plan. I've also sown some cauliflower seeds in pots, and now my 'greenhouse' - this version (I think it came from Argos originally)

is filling up nicely. It's not a proper greenhouse for two reasons; the cover is plastic, and as the contraption is about 15 years old, the plastic seems to have disappeared so it is more like a windbreak now. Somewhere between a cold frame and the great outdoors.

I've also got sunflower seedlings in it. I'm not sure what to do with these; they spilled over into a tray and started sprouting when I was refilling a bird feeder last week, and I didn't have the heart to throw them out. Can you over-winter sunflowers? Am I going to end up with 6 foot tall plants in the spare bedroom?  

I'm working on my daily step count, which sank to a disappointing number recently. I was even out at 10pm marching up and down the street to get the last 200 before bed.

Yesterday I cleaned the windows in front of my desk - What a difference! But the bend-and stretch and up-and-down-with-the-arms movements are exactly those which I find the most tiring. The bonus was that the step counter (on my wrist) got hugely over-excited by all the effort and awarded me several 100 steps. I accepted them with gratitude. I felt as though I had earned them.

Today I ought to hoover.... yup. I ought to do that. But then there's always tomorrow...

In case you missed yesterday's post, the October Newsletter is there on the pages in the sidebar of this blog. You won't see them if you are using mobile or simplified view, you have to go to the website. It's there for you to print and post to a friend if you think they would be amused to read the bits and pieces, and would enjoy a letter coming through the post.   


  1. My Persephone Biannual arrived yesterday and I settled down for a good read. I used to own one of their new published books - Waters Under the Earth, but it's long gone sadly

    1. This year I decided that a self-indulgence would be buying myself a Persephone book from time to time. 'One Fine Day', (bought secondhand) arrived recently and I am taking my time about starting it!

  2. My step count has been pathetic in the last fortnight due to verruca issues. And I have felt too tired in the evening to make up the count . For the five months since my birthday my av daily count was 12K+ but it's dropped to 11 point something now. I have yet to do anything about broad beans.

    1. Do you mean eleven and half steps?!? Or 1,100 steps?!? I was clocking up 3000 at one point, but dropped to 1000. Working my way back up step by step (haha) and am at around 1200. I can see I will be walking in the dark again today.
      Veruccas and their treatment can be so painful - you have my sympathy.

  3. 11,000+ steps! I planted 4 little pots, each with one sweet pea seed, a while back. They're in my mini greenhouse. Two have germinated