Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Tuesday 18th October - Boggle-eyed, but the October Newsletter is complete

 I spent a huge amount of yesterday sitting at my wonderful new workstation. At the moment I so enjoy being in this corner that I look forward to an excuse to settle down to some work, or, for that matter, play.

To my left on the shelves beside me are some sketchbooks, and the tray with paints and brushes. All I have to do is bring an old mug of water and I'm ready to go!

(Those wires and that long shiny black metal arm are to do with using a cheap kindle fire as a second screen when I am teaching the piano)

In front of me is the garden, looking glorious in the sun, the bees busy in the salvia, nasturtiums glowing like  - like - nasturtiums.

So it was a real pleasure, not a chore at all, to sit at my new desk and finish the October 'Print and Post' Newsletter. It is there! In the pages to the right of the blog post. I also got most of the November Newsletter ready; my aim is to put a page up at the beginning of the month in future.

October's takes three sides of A4 paper to print. I am aiming to keep each newsletter to around 3-4 sides. My idea is that you can, if you want, print it and post it so someone who isn't on the internet but who would enjoy the sort of chit-chat that goes on in these types of blogs.

The photographs, text and wonky drawings are all my fault work; I don't pretend to be a professional in any other these categories. 

Do please let me know what you think... (and if you spot any typos....!)


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