Tuesday 27 December 2022

Tuesday 27th December - Various things...

 I'm feeling pretty pleased with what I've done today.

The '5 minutes stretch and mobility' session for today for one. It is my least favourite of the six videos, focusing on hip and leg stretches, ow ow ow! It includes the one I think of as the 'Long John Silver' stretch, where you pull your leg up behind yourself like this;

'Breathe in,' she says. 'And go a little further on the out breathe if you can.' I can't, not yet. Just to clear up any confusion,  that's the teacher, not me in the photo above.

The videos come from an online ballet site 'for seniors' and feature the instructor and her mother - anything Mum can do I ought to be able to manage, surely? Anyway, I rate her classes very highly, and was doing them Every Day until.... oh well. Time to start afresh!

I also went out into the garden. The snowdrops, usually flowering for Chrismas Day, are a bit late. That's not surprising after the very cold week.

Daffodils looking promising too

I didn't take a picture of the broad beans. They are drooping horribly, and judging by the look of the stalks I don't have much confidence in their recovery. 

I've upped my daily step count target to 1500; not much, I know, but it's still a bit cold for enjoying a walk. Quite simply, I don't manage to go fast enough to stay warm! I do try for closer to 2000 per day; I've set the target for 1500 to be surer of reaching it so that I get the 'happy happy' message on the app. I'll get going on my evening 'walking on the spot' regime to collect the couple of hundred steps I need before bedtime.

Meanwhile, we've just had supper (a wonderful plateful of scrambled eggs on toast, with grated cheese melted into the eggs, accompanied by all the leftover roasted veg from Christmas Day fried up in a bit of butter). I'll just sit here with my small glass of ginger wine for a little while first.

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