Monday 27 February 2023

Monday 27th February - Amaryllis catastrophe

The second stalk my amaryllis bulb collapsed last night, so I am exploring how well they work as a cut flower

It is beautiful - or rather, they are beautiful. Three flowers are fully open and there is another bud behind, out of sight.

'Bored of Lunch' came up trumps again for lunch; garam masala lamb. I cooked a primitive pilau rice, courtesy of Delia Smith's book 'Frugal Food'.  It's the same as this recipe, but you soften some chopped onion and chopped garlic in the oil, and I also added a chopped carrot.  For the pilau flavour I also used a small teaspoon  of  turmeric, a pinch of cinnamon and two cardomom pods. 

I've had fun placing an order for new embroidery threads ready for my next Cross Country Collaboration with Ang. I used a free program that Ang put me on to which will turn a photograph into a cross stitch chart - magic! I've massively simplified the chart it came up with, but it was a huge help in getting me started.

Meanwhile I continue with the sock knitting,  round and round and round I go...


  1. What’s the free program for converting a photo to cross stitch. I’m contemplating a design and it might make life easier.

    1. I don't really know how to use it efficiently; I uploaded a jpeg and fiddled around with the various options...

    2. The programme lets you choose the number of squares in your grid, and the number of colours you want to use. I ended up turning my photo into a chart, but then simplifying it on graph paper. But it is a great way to begin the process of turning picture/photo into a stitching chart. And it is FREE.!

    3. It opens up loads of possibilities

  2. Delia's Frugal Food! Brings back memories. My copy is long gone but I did tear out some pages and they survive in my big recipe binder. Her pilau recipe must be among them, as I used to make it - time for a revisit.

  3. I also used to have 'One is fun' when I was a student back in the 1970s...