Friday 4 August 2023

Friday 4th August - successful slugging, and lost all sense of time

 The slugging last night was successful. I went out in the dusk, but that was too early. When I went again later at about 10pm with a torch I collected about a dozen slugs and snails, sizes ranging from tiny to humungous. 

This morning my lettuces were no worse than yesterday; I think I should go out again tonight. I heard one lady drops them all in with her chickens... apparently they love them. I don't think I want any chickens. Do you remember that Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall got some special ducks to deal with the slugs in his patch, only to discover that the ducks liked some (quite a lot, actually) of lettuce with their molluscs?

I had an abdominal ultrasound at lunchtime today, hunting for gall stones, apparently - this is all to do with a lung scan back in December which showed up 'something' happening in my abdomen. They have been resolved into 'nothing to worry about' and the 'treatment' plan is to 'keep and eye on things and let well alone'. Today was a 'keep n eye on things', I assume. The radiologist was charming and efficient, encouraging me every few minutes to relax (I didn't think I was tense!) The previous time (I had a scan on the day of the Coronation too) a different radiologist was equally charming, but, after a period of silence and intense concentration, if I had ever had my left kidney removed? 'Not as far as I know,' I replied. As I was pondering the implications of this question he said 'ah, I have found it now'. Good to know I still have the pair. 

The only inconvenience today was that I was not allowed to eat anything beforehand; what, no breakfast?!? So I was jolly hungry when we came home. The journey up and back, and the time in the hospital, had all gone so smoothly that we were back more than an hour before the crockpot curry was ready. So we had a little snack at about 12:30, and the lunch proper nearer 3pm. The late meal timings threw us out completely as regards working out where we were for the rest of the day.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day - this could have been my phrase for this year... 

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