Saturday 23 September 2023

Saturday 23rd September - an extraordinary day

The day was special from the start; just look at the date


I like a date with a bit of a pattern.

The day got better and better. Himself produced a beautiful pen for me at breakfast time, and a lovely card for our wedding anniversary. (My present would come later)

Then a friend came round for coffee with cards from herself and another friend and a big bunch of flowers

Our wedding anniversary 'treat' was - covid vaccinations! OK, perhaps a different day would have been more romantic... they offered flu vaccination at the same time so we said 'why not?'. I'll have to cancel our flu clinic GP appointments for next Saturday, but perhaps someone else will be grateful for our places.

We came home via John Lewis where we collected my present; a selection of Neudigger marzipan confectionery which is his favourite.

While we were off gallivanting, my gardener had spent a couple of hours sorting out and replanting half a dozen patio tubs with tulips, daffodils, muscari and 'mystery bulbs' rescued throughout the year. I love the appearance of the tubs, full of beautiful fine dark crumbly earth and the promise of an exciting spring show. I could just sit and admire them for hours. Well, quite a while anyway.

Not much cross-stitching got done, so I'll try and catch up tomorrow. We are already beginning to discuss next year....


  1. Happy, happy anniversary to you both - may God bless you with many more years of love, life and laughter together ❤️🙏😊