Friday 15 March 2024

Friday 15th March


  1. The shelves by my worktable
  2. The dining room table
  3. The pine filing drawers
  4. The shelves above the piano
  5. Items of (my) clothing
  6. The Kitchen
  7. The larger spare bedroom 
  8. Thee small spare bedroom 
  9. Hall/stairs/landing areas
  10. Craft stash
  11. Pens and pencils
  12. Trinkets
  13. Ephemera (old cards etc)
  14. Plastic food storage containers like tupperware
  15. Top junk drawer
  16. Middle junk drawer 
  17. Bottom junk drawer
  18. Garden sheds (my stuff)
  19. Music books.
  20. Bookshelves in sitting room

Today I sorted the pile of Christmas cards waiting for me to go through before recycling. To my horror there were 2 year's worth; last year and the year before, about 200 cards! I looked at the 2023 cards and abandoned the 2022 cards to their f ate. So number 13, Ephemera gets itself crossed off the list.

This made a nice easy task to do while having a bit of a quiet afternoon in bed, tea tray close at hand. It had been an odd day.

We drove to Dartford where there's a company that serviced my Phillips 'Simply Go' portable oxygen concentrator about 5 years ago. I enjoyed the drive. Although the weather wasn't wonderful it was good to see the progress of Spring along the motorway verges. Banks covered in primroses, a few daffodils here and there, still some blackthorn in flower and vibrant fresh green hawthorn leaves everywhere. Trails of what I suppose could be Traveller's Joy like green bunting lying over brown bare branches.

They were able to service the Concentrator while we waited. It took a long hour, but we had books to read and some water with us so the time passed.

I've picked up The Second Sock as the next unfinished object to get on with. Knitting socks is an ideal travelling occupation being small scale and very portable.

I made quite a bit of progress on the drive there and back, probably about an inch and a half, starting from the green marker. I will reach the heel in another three-quarters of an inch.

I also applied for a blue badge today, a time-consuming process, but it will make life easier for me, and also for taking my father out with us.


  1. I too love to make lists and it give me great satisfaction to be able to cross things off!

    1. Another member of the 'we love to-do lists' community! I wonder if there is a blog consisting only of 'to-do lists'.